This is a super simple lemon pickle, that is sure to brighten up all your cold weather comfort foods and your counter top, too. It's just fancy enough to need your kitchen scale and is a fun introduction to home fermentation. Add it to all your braised meats, spice blends or even fold it into yogurt for an awesome sauce. We are entering the height of citrus season when lemons abound, so it should be easy to pick up several pounds from any local grocery store.

Lemon Pickle | Photo by  Stephanie Cornell

Lemon Pickle | Photo by Stephanie Cornell

Carl’s Easy Lemon Pickle

Shopping List:
5 pounds lemons
large glass jar, sanitized


Quarter all lemons into 4 big wedges. Cut off the seeded end of each wedge and set scraps aside; then turn wedges 90 degrees and cut into slices. Tare the glass jar on your kitchen scale (set scale to zero with empty jar on it) and add all lemon slices.

Now, here comes the fancy math! Add 3% of the total weight of sliced lemons first in salt and then 3% in sugar

Take seeded ends of wedges and press all juices through a strainer into the jar. Pack the citrus mash down in jar, cover tightly with cheesecloth and put lid on securely. Display the jar out on the counter in all its glory for about 6 weeks. After fermented, store pickle in the refrigerator, tightly sealed.