Les Perles du Mont Blanc from Domaine Belluard is a favorite at The Table

Les Perles du Mont Blanc from Domaine Belluard is a favorite at The Table


When it comes to Mother's Day, what gift could possibly live up to her having to carry your unborn, needy, developing body around in her stomach for nine months, and then having to deal with you through every annoying stage of human development until you turn into a (hopefully) functioning adult?

These days, many of us live a good distance away from those that provided us life, so we aren't around to celebrate and say thanks in person. But just because you aren't there doesn't mean mom isn't brunching it up. If someone in the family is picking up the slack, suss out some info and figure out where she is going. Once you know all the details, call the restaurant, talk to someone about the wine list (cComing from someone who is often on the other side of the phone, it's one of the best parts of the job), and order the table what is most fun and festive, or whatever goes best with quiche. We love this sparkling wine -- Les Perles du Mont Blanc-- from Domaine Belluard.

As macaroni cards and fake coupon books have taught us, it's not about the actual gift, but the gesture. Your mom knows she loves you, she does; but the surprise of having some bubbles popped table-side in her honor will definitely earn you some serious brownie points next time you make it around.

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