I'm kind of tired of hops. I know this may seem like heresy, especially in the golden age of the American IPA, but I'm finding my relationship with hop bombs to be similar to my relationship with full bodied, jammy reds. Meal replacements, yes. Any other reason, no. 

Maybe I'm just getting older and my palate is getting tired of the full on piney and citrusy assault, but I find myself veering towards lower ABV, refreshing, more food friendly brews. My favorite: Mystic Table Beer, as they describe it, "An everyday farmhouse ale, light and crushable with a crisp, dry finish."

Mystic Table Beer2.jpg

I still remember my first, a few years ago at Lonestar. It was so refreshing to drink a couple of these with a collection of spicy tacos and not have my mouth feel like it had been scrubbed with sandpaper. I was ecstatic once they started putting it into cans, and it has been a fixture at The Table ever since. 

Come on by and grab one. Our menu always veers far and wide in influence and flavor, and this beer does a remarkable job covering so much ground. 

Jesse Mystic.jpg

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