We are currently kicking off our wine pairing with this delicious wine...beverage?, spritzer?, cooler?, called Skin Contact Piquette, brought to us by Old Westminster, a family farm based out of Maryland. This is not a grape, but more a style of wine, and something that's pretty cool if you are into sustainability and refreshment all at the same time.

Piquette from Old Westminster | Photo by  Stephanie Cornell

Piquette from Old Westminster | Photo by Stephanie Cornell

Piquette comes about from taking all of the leftover skins and seeds from the pressed off grapes, re-hydrating them, and then letting them re-ferment, which gives you something much lighter and incredibly refreshing. Legend has it that it was created as payment for those who picked grapes back in the day. 

I love it because it drinks more like a funky, dry cider then it does a traditional wine. Since it comes in a can, it's much easier to bring to the beach or a picnic than a bottle of wine. Also, it's around 6% ABV, so it won't crush you the same way that a can of Rosé will, a common problem once you get the sun involved (every can equals a half bottle of wine).

So if you just got finished mowing the lawn, or are hanging out by the pool, and don't feel like dealing with that beer bloat, but want something a little more session-able then wine, crack open a can of Piquette and have yourself a glorious day.