I love the mountains. The clean air, the rugged terrain, the elevation propping you closer to the sun, all of it. Maybe that's why I love the wine of the Savoie so much. Located on the border of France and Switzerland, the Savoie just screams vacation, and I think the wines from this region have that same effect. When I took a trip up to Montreal at the beginning of September, I made a dinner reservation just to get a bottle of wine (Domaine Belluard's Mondeuse) that doesn't come to Massachusetts.

The wine region is also built on grapes that seem to only exist there, from Jacquére to Altesse, Gringet to Mondeuse. While these grapes aren't too familiar, they do share wavelengths with some of my favorites, Chenin Blanc, Melon de Bourgogne, Syrah, and Gamay, just with that mountain twist. I swear, every single time I open a bottle from the Savoie, I'm transported lakeside or to my own 80's styled ski montage.

Photo by Stephanie Cornell |  stephaniecornell.com

Photo by Stephanie Cornell | stephaniecornell.com

So come hang out with us on Wednesday, December 12th, when we will be celebrating food and wine from the region. It's the most hectic time of the year, so why not let us bring you that ski chalet lifestyle, if only for a night. 

Seats are limited. Buy your tickets now.