Schlenkerla Marzen Smoke Beer | Photo by  Stephanie Cornell

Schlenkerla Marzen Smoke Beer | Photo by Stephanie Cornell

Every time the city feels like it's collapsing in on me, I try to bring my mind to the woods. If any of you have heard me talk about Vermont, you probably have thought to yourself, "I wish he would shut up and leave me alone." I'm sorry, it's my happy place, and once I start rambling, it's pretty difficult to stop. 

One of my favorite thoughts is being around a campfire on a chilly fall night with family and friends, losing track of time in good conversation. Even when you wake up the next morning, everything around you smells like you are still roasting up hot dogs and s'mores.

Why am I saying this? Because getting away is difficult, especially this time of year. But everyone has their food or beverage that lets your mind wander, and mine is any beer from Schlenkerla, a brewery based in Bamburg, Germany that has been pumping out Rauchbier (Smoke Beer) for centuries. They use beech wood logs to dry the malts, imparting the classic flavor in their range of beers, from the hint of smoke Helles to the falling asleep in a steam shower full of smoke Urbock. 

The holidays are coming up, and seeing how they are usually meat-centric spreads, these would be a fun accompaniment to any turkey or ham. At the very least, hopefully it'll buy your mind a ten minute vacation from reality.  

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