It's fall here at the Table, well it's fall everywhere, but you know what I'm saying. Cider donuts, flannel, pumpkin spice everything. On top of all that, it is apple season, and that means apple pies, mulled apple cider, afternoon apple picking. It's one of the main reasons to live in New England, and while we dabble in the apple from time to time, we always have an awesome cider from Artifact Cider on the menu if you need your fix.

Artifact Cider’s Taking Flight // photo by Stephanie Cornell

Artifact Cider’s Taking Flight // photo by Stephanie Cornell

Right now we are pouring their Taking Flight, a delicious cider that uses 100% NY Empire apples. It hits you with a little sweetness up front, but finishes with tons of zip and couldn't be any more refreshing. It's a great cider to bridge the gap between the random 90 degree days with 50 degree nights. 

If you feel like trying your way through their supply to find your cider sweet spot, you can head to Everett on Saturdays from 1-6. You can also check out all of their amazing can art, and if anyone sees a print of the By Any Other Name can out there, please let me know, because that is the shirt dreams are made of. 

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