It’s the busiest time of year for most people and with all the holiday baking and cooking and eating and drinking, it’s easy to slide into eating chips and salsa for dinner. This quick risotto recipe, using orzo pasta instead of arborio rice, is a breeze to make but uses a few high quality ingredients to really knock this dish out of the park. Perfect for a quick dinner during the week or makes a great dish to bring to a holiday potluck or serve guests as a side, while still hitting all those rich and earthy winter flavors.

Photo by Stephanie Cornell |

Photo by Stephanie Cornell |

This recipe calls for Robiola, a soft Italian goats milk cheese, and fresh black truffle, both of which you can get at our favorite Cambridge market Formaggio Kitchen.

Photo by Stephanie Cornell |

Photo by Stephanie Cornell |

Carl’s Orzo “Risotto” with Black Truffle and Robiola


1 pound dry orzo
1 cup stock (chicken, vegetable or mushroom is great)
4 tablespoons butter
Robiola cheese, at room temperature
1 small bunch fresh chives, chopped finely
1 oz. black truffle


In a medium saucepan, melt the butter. Add the orzo and sauté for about five minutes. Add the stock and cook until the liquid is absorbed, stirring frequently, approximately 5-20 minutes.

To serve, scoop 4 to 6 servings on plates or shallow bowls. Top with clumps of the Robiola cheese and a generous sprinkling of chives. Just before serving, grate black truffle over each of the servings.

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